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Our Story

Brent and Ashley met fifteen years ago in Sydney, Australia, where Brent was raised, and Ashley was studying abroad. Their first in-depth conversation was all about their love of food.  Brent had just spent the previous months backpacking across Europe and tasting all it’s delicious offerings.  Fast forward fifteen years, and Brent comes home late one evening from a work trip to tell Ashley his new business idea that he couldn’t wait to share: Louisville’s first cut to order artisanal cheese shop.  Although, Ashley was not always onboard with Brent’s ideas; cheese was something she could get behind.

Brent has possessed the entrepreneurial spirit since he was a kid.  He grew up with both his parents and grandparents running their own small family businesses.  As a teenager he started his own record label and distribution business.

Brent worked 10 years in accounting before realizing his true desire of becoming a chef.  He worked in kitchens in both Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC, before deciding to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts in Louisville at Sullivan University. He then gained experience working in some of Louisville’s most-loved restaurants.

Meanwhile, Ashley pursued her passion of serving the community and building connections with people and attained her Masters in Social Work at the University of Louisville.

They left Louisville for several years and Brent honed his culinary skills, gaining experience in some of the best kitchens in NYC, Sydney, and Austin, TX.

Two years ago, after having their son, Harvey, they decided to move back to Louisville knowing it would be a great place to raise him.  It was soon after they returned, they were inspired by hearing about the plans for Safai’s Logan Street Market.  Having visited other food-loving cities with a similar type of public market, they knew the market would offer them the perfect opportunity to take the leap into making their own mark on Louisville’s culinary scene.

Cheese has always been an important staple in Brent’s life and Ashley was quickly introduced to its significance the first time she went to dinner at Brent’s family home and she was greeted with a big plate of cheese.  Prior to every family dinner, Brent’s parents would work together to create a meticulously assembled cheese plate with all the accompaniments.  Sometimes, the cheese plate, along with some wine, would replace the dinner altogether.  Connecting over good cheese was the foundation for every family gathering.

And now cheese has become a favorite staple of their three-year-old son’s.  Despite, having the palette of a picky toddler, he can go to town on some stinky artisanal cheeses.  Whenever he sees cheese on the table, he loudly proclaims, “Harvey’s Cheese,” and thus, the business got its name.

Ashley is most looking forward to connecting with customers and helping them find the perfect cheese for their palate, as well as sharing the stories of the cheesemakers that make this all possible.  Brent will be doing a lot of behind the scenes operational work, communicating directly with the cheesemakers and distributers and curating the selection of cheeses, accoutrements, and chef specials.

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